Conditional Formatting for Excel 2.2.4 (04/08/13)

This new version 2.2.4 has a new function:

•Conditional Formatting for Excel is now COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 8 !!!

  Conditional Formatting for Excel 2.2.0 (05/08/11)

This new version 2.2.0 has a new function:

• Navigation mode has been improved at the interface of heatmaps.
• The compatibility with 64 bits has been reviewed.

  Conditional Formatting for Excel 2.1.0 (24/02/2010)

This new version 2.0.1 has a new function:

  • Now, with Conditional formatting for Excel you can insert Heatmaps:

    What is a Heatmap?

    A Heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the values taken by a variable, in a two-dimensional (or more) map, are represented as colors, size, background, etc.
    With Heatmaps you can analyze your data with up to 5 dimensions, using:
    1. Font Size.
    2. Font Color.
    3. Font Type.
    4. Background Color.
    5. Inserting Images.
  Conditional Formatting for Excel 2.0.1 (20/07/09)

This new version 2.0.1 has a new function:

  • Verification version 2003 with nod32
  Conditional Formatting for Excel 2.0.0 (22/06/09)

This new version 2.0.0 has a new function:

  • Categorize database(Excel 2007)
    The row which contains data to evaluate, applies conditional formatting now.
  Conditional Formatting for Excel 1.4.0 (09/11/08)

This new version 1.4.0 has a new function:

  • Categorize database
  Conditional Formatting for Excel 1.3.0 (21/12/07)

This new version 1.3.0 has a new function:

  • Check Upgrades/Updates
  • New Toggle Settings
  • Compatible with Windows Vista
  Excel Conditional Formatting 1.2 (24/12/07)

This new version 1.2 has a new function:

  • New Toggle Settings tool,
  • New Cells Math by Format tool,
  • New Conditional Text function,
  • My Favorites function,
  • Menu ribbon
  • Web Shortcuts function,
  • Upgrades verification functionality
  Excel Conditional Formatting1.1 (10/12/06)
  This new version 1.1 has a new function: Conditional Text, which will allow you to format your spreadsheet data using text as decision parameters.
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