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The Exchange Rates Wizard helps you in the construction of the Exchange Rates function. This window shows the amount converted and the latest refresh.

Insert latest refreshInsert latest refresh

Use Insert latest refresh (date and time) option to insert the latest date and time in which the function was refreshed. Select a cell in your worksheet and press to insert the lastest refresh.

Refresh settingsRefresh settings

You can configure the ER refreshing data options to suit your preferences between manual or automatic (selecting how often you want to refresh the rates).

Export currency ratesExport currency rates

Use the Export currency rates to create a new worksheet with all the currency rate that you found, using the Wizard tool, respect to US$ (United States Dollars).

Export currency codesExport currency codes

Use the Export currency codes to create a new worksheet with all the currency codes used in the function.

Daily reportDaily report

Use Daily report button to save the daily currency report into a folder: Simply write a name for the file and the folder where you want to save the report, finally choose a wished format and a path.

Arithmetic calculatorArithmetic calculator

Use Arithmetic calculator button to make arithmetic operations quickly from the select cells and using its GET and PASTE buttons.

Toggle settingsToggle settings

We often lose valuable time doing repetitive tasks -if, for example, we want to hide the headings in several sheets of the Workbook, we will have to do it one at a time.

Export sheets as…Export sheets as…

This tool allow you export choosed worksheets to:
-another workbook
-same workbook.


Exchange Rates will show you a new tip every time you press the Tip of the day button.

Refresh dataRefresh data

Use Refresh data* to refresh the exchange rates as you want. To do it press . Your PC needs to be connected to Internet.

Quick viewerQuick viewer

You can see the current exchange rates of every active cell, simply pressing button; then click on Setting button: Choose the wished conversions: (e.g.Euros to US Dollars) Then, save the changes...





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