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What is Financial Advisor for Excel ?

Financial Advisor for Excel is an add-in software for Microsoft® Excel®. It has 74 financial calculators that will simplify basic financial calculations, saving you time and effort. These calculators can work for all sorts of different evaluations for cash flows, loans, investments, future values, rates of return, financial analyses and personal finances. You only need to enter the data as required and the calculators automatically give you the results.

Moreover, Financial Advisor for Excel is now TOTALLY COMPATIBLE with: WINDOWS 8 - 64 bit and EXCEL 2013 - 64 bit

  • This Full Access Version has unlocked sheets for you to customize the formulas as you want.
  • We encourage you to suggest newer calculators or improvements. Please, write us at:
  • Check our web site for a version in your language.

  • Financial Advisor for Excel(full) is a part of Model Assistant Suite, wherefore, if you purchase this product you will be able to upgrade to it, paying only the difference.
  • Do you need a simpler tool? Try FinanCalc for Excel.
  • Easy to use
  • Customisable
  • Ready access to many financial calculators
  • Printable
  • Ideal for meetings and presentations (using Export Sheet option)
Financial Advisor for Excel integrates 2 powerful Excel modeling tools:
  • Group of calculators
    • Valuation of Flows
    • Loans
    • Future Value
    • Inversions
    • Rates of Return
    • Financial Analysis
    • Personal & Miscellaneous
    • Total
  • Number of calculators
    • 14
    • 14
    • 5
    • 8
    • 7
    • 14
    • 12
    • 74

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What's New?

In this new version 4.2.5 of Financial Advisor for Excel:

  • Totally compatible with Windows 8 and Excel 2013.

See history of previous versions here.

Older versions, what should I do to use this new version?

Based on feedback from our users, we have made important changes compared with former versions. As a result, you will have to re-create with this version the models you created with former versions. We thank you for your understanding, as this will happen only this time and will not happen again in the future.

Who need this Software

  • Financial Consultants
  • Operations Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Accountants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Any person who uses Excel in the decision making process.


  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 and 64 bits)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64 bits)
  • No Mac Compatible
  • Analysis Toolpak VBA Add-In installed (It is included in Microsoft Office)
  • If you use Financial Advisor for Excel English version, your Excel and Windows must be English versions.


Support is no longer available for none of our products.

For that reason you should thoroughly test the product before buying it.
Make sure the product works well on your system and the way you want, because after there will not be support.


Try Before You Buy, You can download a free Trial version to see if it suits your needs.



Buy at your own risk because then you will not be entitled to refund.

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