VERSION 2.0.0

In this new version 2.0.0 of Model analyzer for Excel we have added:

  • Montecarlo Simulation
  • Camera (A tool to capture images)
  • Total re-design of interfaces
  • Improvement on the running algorithm
  • Progres bar on all the tools to show the advance of the performance.
  • Saving, Managing and setting up models of scenarios analysis, what-if, Montecarlo, Goal Seeker and Breakeven.
  • Functions such as: create sheets of escenarios in tables and merged scenarios have been deleted.
  • The tool Map Inputs & Outputs has been placed on Inputs & Manage Outputs respectively to facilitate the automatic detection of inputs and outputs in your workbook.
  VERSION 1.3.0

In this new version we have included:

  • Workbooks manager
  VERSION 1.2.0

In this new version we have included:

  • Sheets manager
  • New toggle settings
  VERSION 1.1.1

Corrected errors

1. The updates & upgrades system to find new versions has been improved.

New Tools

1. New icons on the buttons included: Paste formulas, Paste Values.
2. The function Copy Formats has been added.
3. A new version of Cell's watcher has been included.

  VERSION 1.1.0 (11/24/2006)

We have added a new tool:

New Tools:

  • Run last goal seek,
  • Paste values,
  • Paste formulas,
  • Progressbar
  • Improve performance,
  • To do list,
  • Version manager.
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