Manage Inputs

Use this function to add and remove input variables to and from your models.
We will elaborate on the following basic model.

Go to the Variables section and select Manage Inputs, and the dialog below pops up.
  • Add: Use this button to add a new Input variables.
  • Edit: Use this button to edit the title of each variables (this is optional since the tool captures automatic titles).
  • The title must be making reference to a cell and not write a text manually.
  • Delete: Serves to eliminate an Input variable.
  • Go to reference cell: It serves to navigate by each variable. First activate the cell, then click on each element of the list of variables.
  • Cell's colors: It automatically gives color to the chosen input cells. It has a color by default.
  • Search automatically: Automatically looks for inputs in specific sheets of the book.  This offers a quicker way to begin using this tool.