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Do you need to manage many folders, workbooks and worksheets in one place? Use this powerful tool to select and manage them all.
If you use Windows Vista, it will be necessary to activate some permissions.
This video will teach you how to configure some permission to make this tool work out correctly.


This utility will allow create a list with our directories most visited, to access quick and easily.
It works so:
1.- Press the 'Add' button to add a directory to the favorite directories list.
2.- Press the 'Delete' button to erase a directory of the favorite directories list.
3.- Press the 'Go to' button to open the selected directory with the Window's Explorer.


This tool allows you to store a list of most frequently used workbooks. It’s a kind of direct access.

Think of the following situation:
You have to check, say, three workbooks (or more, for that matter) on a daily basis. This means you have to first go to the folders containing them to access each. With My Favorites you no longer will have to do that. Just do as follows:

1. With all opened relevant books, click My Favorites > Workbooks.

2. Click the Add button.


3. Select the workbooks you want to include in your list of favorites. Click Add.

That would be it.

The next time you want to open that workbook, just click the My Favorites button and you we will be able to access your most frequently used workbooks from this dialog.
In addition, you can delete any workbook from the list and open the folder the selected workbook is in.



If you constantly use certain templates and need to open several books to copy the templates onto several workbooks, this is the tool you need.

Favorite templates saves the templates you wish in one single place and allows you to easily access them. Options include:

  • Store active sheet as template: First select the desired template by checking the corresponding checkbox, then click this button.
  • Delete: Clears the selected template from your list of favorites.
  • Insert template: To copy a template (already stored) onto the active workbook

In certain occassions we see ourselves in the necessity to have a macro to realize same repeated and automatic tasks.
Sometimes we use the "grabadora de macros" to generate them and then we modify to our convenience.

Finally we finish to lose those macros or we just dont know in what book we saved it the last time.

The Favorite Macros tool was made to keep and to arrange our most used macros when we want.
We keep it in the "bloc de notas" in an organized way to facilitate the use.

This tool has a complete panel control to edit, to copy and to export macros.

Click on Edit Button... To edit an existing macro.
Click on New Button... To add a macro to a macro list.
Click on Save Button... to save a new macro or save the changes of a modified macro.
Click on Delete button... to eliminate a macro from the list.
Click on Copy button to copy a macro to memory (then you can paste in any place)
Click on the Export Button... to save the selected macro in a "bloc de notas"

Suppose that you have saved many macros with this tool and then you want to use the macros in another PC,
Simply use the path you used to install Excel Model Builder and then copy "My Macros" file in the other PC.
My Macros file is where the macros is saved.

1.- Select an image of your worksheet.
2.- Press the Add button.
3.- The image will be saved in My Favorite Logos.
To delete an image:
1.- Do right click on the image.
2.- Click the Delete option of the popup menu.
Note: You can insert max. 64 images.