Workbooks manager


Managing your open workbooks is made easy with the Workbook manager tool.

With this tool you can:

  • List all open workbooks, even the hidden ones.
  • Save workbooks.
  • Save workbooks in other folders.
  • Close workbooks.
  • Create a hyperlink to another workbook.
  • Hide workbooks.
  • Show (unhide) workbooks.
  • Delete workbooks.
  • Activate workbooks.
  • Open the folder a workbook is in.
  • Rename workbooks and move them to another folder.
  • Export workbooks as backups.
  • Destroy workbooks (without the possibility to restore - assets and damage control may be required)
  • Navigate through workbooks.

Export / backup workbook
With this tool you can backup your workbooks either by making an exact copy of the original or by converting all formulas in your workbook into values.