Auditor SpreadSheet Map  

This tool allows you to quickly and safely search for special cells in your models.
The cells you can search for are as follows:
Internal Links: Search for internal links.
External Links: Search for links to other workbooks.
Constants in a formula: Search for constants in a formula.
Input: Search for cells which are not formulas but rather part of formulas.
Formulas: Search for cells containing formulas, and which, in turn, are part of formulas.
Output: Search for cells containing formulas, but which are not part of other formulas.
Names in formula: Search for cells containing formulas as well as "names" in their formulas.
Conditional formatting: Search for cells with conditional formats.
Validation: Search for cells with validation.
Array formulas: Search for cells with array-type formulas.

Search scope can be: in active worksheet, in a selected range in active worksheet or in all worksheets in the active workbook.
This tool shows results in a diverse and intuitive manner. Among this way of showing results, we have:
Format / Highlights: It allows you to format a cell meeting the search criteria; alternatively, you can add a "Highlight".
Browse: Makes it possible to navigate through cells meeting the search criteria.
Statistics: Allows you to obtain statistics concerning the results of the search criteria.
Print Report: You can obtain a report on the cells meeting the conditions searched for.

Browse Example
Print Report Example

With the Browse option you can only navigate one option at the time, rather than several options.
If you use the option to format cells, then use the tool's "Undo" option to undo the changes, but the tool only undoes changes in the active worksheet, not in all the sheets of the workbook.
If you have selected formatting all the sheets of the workbook, the changes will be irreversible.