This tool will find and format the following kinds of cells.
Inputs: are those cells that contain dependents but not precedents.
External Links: are those cells that contain formulas with references to other workbooks.
Outputs: are cells that contain precedents but not dependents.
Formulas: are cells that contain precedents and dependents.
Is important to realize the priority of the formats.

The priority order is:
Inputs, External Links, Outputs y Fórmulas.

Examples: If a cell is Output and External Link a the same time, the External Link will have priority.

Autoformat - Settings
You can configure format by default or customize the background color, font size, borders, etc.

In order to gain access to this tool, go to panel Quick styles and press the button

And a dialogue settings box will be displayed in which you should select the section of iterative tools, the button



We have the following model:


NOTE: In this example, the configuration is: