Categorize database  

Use this practical tool to categorize records in a database, based on a category table.
It also provides as much as four category levels.
The following example will illustrate how this beneficial tool works:
Consider the following database and the (one-level) category table:

Follow the following steps:
Click on the Categorize button in the toolbar, then:
1. Choose the database and the field to be evaluated.
2. Select the category table.
3. Finally, choose the destination cell to paste results.

4. The table below shows how the result will be displayed.

Besides, You can use the added field to create a pivot table.

In order to obtain the pivot table you must activate the corresponding check to the option: "add pivot
table", Then you have to indicate the fields you want to analyze together with the kind of format you
want to visualize for the pivot table.
An example is shown on the images.
1. Check on "Add pivot table"
2. Indicate the fields to analyzer and the kind of formats you want to visualize.
3.Press the button "Do it"
Note: Optionally you can press the button "View pivot table" to change your preferences concerning to the creation of the pivot table.
This is the result.