Compare ranges

With this tool you will be able to make comparaciones of formulas and values of the datas of a range.
In the following example , if you have:
The I11:I21 range in the sheet Beta1 of the Model workbook and u wish to buy it with the I11:I21 range of the Beta1 sheet.
1.- In this case we check option : compare 2 ranges
2.-Indicate workbook and range
Specify workbook , in this case the Model workbook and select range , in this case range I11:I21 of the Beta sheet.
For the second range , proceed just the same way.
Select the workbook and indicate for this case range I11:I21 of the Beta1 sheet.

3.-Click on the Do it ! button.
Finally we obtain a report with the comparacion of range1 and range2.