Fill the highlighted range  

This tool quickly fills a selected range with the data found in the first row / column / cell, respectively.
Let us see how it works, using an example:

Case No. 1
If we have a selected range, but only the first row has values; thus:

We click on the corresponding button and the results will appear below.
First click: it copies numeric format data.
Second click: it copies data of all formats.
Case No. 2
The same will happen if we have a selected range, and only the first column has values.
At the first click, it will copy the first column over the entire selected range.
at the second click, it will copy all the formats.

Case No. 3
We have a selected range, but only the first cell has a value.

First click: it copies the value in the entire selection.
Second click: the format is copied.
Case No. 4
If we have a selection, where the first row and the first column have values, the following dialogue box will be displayed:

This is how we will decide the address in which we wish for the data to be copied.

Note: All actions performed can be undone by simply clicking on the Excel Undo button.