Math between sheets  

This useful tool allows you to make in a simple way, many arithmetic operations at the same time between spreadsheets.

Imagine the next situation:
I have 3 spreadsheets with information in Budget, Effective and Tax.

I want to discount the Effective and Tax information in the Budget sheet. Then I want that the results appear in another sheet called Total. This operation is very easy with this tool.

Let´s see the spreadsheets:

The image above contains data in the B5:K7 range. The same occurs with the Effective and tax sheets.
The purpose is to show the consolidation results of the Total sheet.
Click in the correspondent button to show the dialog box and then select the work range:
Now, we will make the formula:
1 Click over the element in the dialog box, Budget. Look that in the dialog box the formula is create.
2 Then click in the minus sign button.
3 Then choose the element Effective from the sheet list. Look how the formula is start creating:
4 Click again in the minus sign button.
5 Then click over the Tax element from the list. The formula will look like this:


Now we have to choose where we want to paste the results. In your case it will be in the Total sheet. (it could be also in a new sheet).

These are the results:

These are the results:
This has been a simple example.
Imagine all the wasted time and troubles that you can save using this tool to create complex formulas that involve data from another sheets.