Model Builder for Excel  

Camera and Camera settings
Copy Color from another book
            Change color palette
Add to recents file's list
Erase history of files
Fast close
Fast close Settings
            Tools bars [ T. Bars ]
        Show Quick edit bar
        formula's translation bar
        Show MB Auditor bar
        Show Model Navigator bar
        Show Fast close bar
        Show Miscellaneous bar
        Show Formula tools bar
        Show Wizard bar
        Show advanced bar
        Show Comments bar
        Show Recalc all open books bar
        Show Rebuild arrays bar
        Close Excel Model Builder
Formulas [ Fx ]
Quick references changer
Exact formula copier
Swap ranges
Advanced transposer
Copy range as link
Copy multiple selections
Cut as values
Flip cells
Change sign
Swap % to number
Change to text | number
Formulas to values
Advanced [ Adv ]
Goal Seeker for Excel
Models panel
Multi-sheets Consolidator
Detailed Consolidation
Multi sheet database / consolidator
Complex formula's consolidation
Multiple conditional analysis & formatting
Conditional text
Consolidate ranges
Categorize database
Wizards [ W ]
Multiple IF
Waited average
Formula's error
Cell's math by format /by logical criteria
        Cells math by logical criteria - models
        Cell's math by format - models
Conditional Sum & Count
Quick fill
Concatenate cells
Get cell's value
Link manager
Name manager
Auditor SpreadSheet Map
Test & Highlights
Auditor Trouble Test
Cell's reference tracker
Error's tracker
Circular reference tracker
Reference analyzer
        In block formula's analyzer
        Trace multiple precedents
        Remove multiple precedents
        Trace multiple dependents
        Remove multiple dependents
        Erase auditing arrows
Show MB Auditor bar
Show hide formula's translation bar
Show Comments bar
Revision Bar
Navigator [ Navig ]
Model navigator
Cells watcher
My favorites
Sheets manager
Workbooks manager
To do list
Version manager
Password list
Password list settings
Toggle Settings
Freeze | Divide Panes
Arrange Windows
Easy Print
Set alarm
Arithmetical calculator
Select by format
Easy search
        Easy search - By text
        Easy search - By format
        Easy search - By logic criteria
Add / remove text
Add / text as number format
Custom cells alignment
Superscript / Underscript