Multi-sheets Consolidator  
Use this tool to consolidate two or more workbooks containing sheets with the same consolidation ranges.
Consolidation results may be shown in a new sheet of an existing workbook or in a new workbook.

1. Open the Multi-Sheets Consolidator wizard.
As shown in the figure below, there are three workbooks: Gropu1.xls, Group2.xls and Group3.xls.
Each workbook has sheets to consolidate.
Select all workbooks and click on [>>] to add all sheets to the List of workbooks and sheets to consolidate. Then press Next.
2. Now select the range to consolidate, the consolidation mathematical function and the target range for consolidation results.
3. Click on the Consolidate button, and that's it -the results are all yours.
Notice that the tool has copied all sheets in the consolidation list into this new workbook and then proceeded to consolidated them in one sheet labeled Consolidation.
Note: The worksheet labeled Sheet4 shows an important summary information on consolidated sheets such as workbooks containing them and if there are sheets with the same name. Since Microsoft Excel does not permit sheets with the same label in the same workbook, Multi-Sheets Consolidator has renamed the sheets for you by adding a sequential number to names changed.
The summary also shows which sheets were renamed, which is very useful as you can realize where each consolidated sheet comes from. In this example none of the worksheets in the new workbook have been renamed because all worksheets had different original names.