Name manager  

This tool allows you to perform a series of operations with the named ranges.
Many times workbooks have erroneous names, which cannot be erased with conventional Excel tools,
since, apparently, they are names loaded into memory; however, they relate to other workbooks.
These names affect the workbook's performance, as they increase their weight and produce a series of other problems created by them.

See tool handling example.
We click on the corresponding toolbar button to get the following dialogue box:

The types of names which can be worked with are:
- Hidden
- Visible
- Referring to external files
- Erroneous
- Print areas

- Unused
The tool detects the not used names taking into account they might not be a part of the formulas
in the workbook and they might not make reference to ranges of the active workbook.
You can notice how all the names of the active workbook have been loaded to the list on the right.
We can use them to perform a series of operations, such as:
- Go to the named range.
- Erase all names.
- Erase the selected name.
- Hide/show the names.
- Generate a detailed names report.