Cell's reference tracker  
This versatile tool allows you to navigate between the cells which originate and/or depend on a cell under observation.
This works even through sheets contained in other workbooks.
In addition to this, a series of tools are included to allow movement and viewing cells, such as:
  • Select originating or dependent cells.
  • Color them as you wish.
  • Navigate through them.
  • Show the comment contained in the cell through which we moved.
  • Change the formulas directly from the dialogue box.
  • Among others.

Let us see an example:
We position ourselves on a cell that contains a cell, and we press the corresponding tool bar button.
The tool's dialogue box will then open up.


The first time the tool is activated, if the active cell has a formula, by default, the tool will detect the origins of the cell.

But, each time we wish to analyze a cell, we must again go over the following steps:
1.- Press the SET button in the dialogue box.
2.- Press the Precedents or Dependents button, depending on what we wish to do.

Thus, the tool will detect the originating or dependent cells of the selected cell, and the dialogue box will unfold a list of such cells.
Using this list we can move through those originating or dependent cells.

In addition, we can select the resulting cells or maybe add color to them so they can be easily distinguished.

In order to evaluate the result of a section from your formula:
1.First select a segment of your formula according as it is shown in the image.
2.Then press button evaluate.
3.Place the cursor on the text box corresponding to the Editor formula.
Undo button    will only bring back the last time the formula has been overwriten