Cell's watcher  

Do you need to select important cells in your model? Use this powerful tool to select and manage them.
Workbooks are often very extensive –and sometimes you will be interested only in checking the value of certain cells. And the mere fact of locating them may be nothing short of a feat.

Cell's watcher is the right tool to navigate through specific cells in your spreadsheet.

You can add and/or remove the cells you wish to and from the Cell's watcher dialog as follows:

Click the button to add the cell you want to check.

Click the button to remove a cell from the list.

Cell's watcher stores the cells in two groups:
Output. Cells containing formulas.
Input. Cells with no formulas.

You can sensitize the value of an input cell and undo   any changes.

Moreover, you may view the cell value in the upper-left corner or in its original location and enlarge or shrink the Cell’s watcher dialog.

This information is saved in a very hidden sheet of your workbook and is only available to that workbook.