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We often lose valuable time doing repetitive tasks -if, for example, we want to hide the headings in several sheets of the Workbook, we will have to do it one at a time.
This powerful tool has been crated to do away with such loss of time.
Adventajes include:

Same upper -left cell in all
Let's say you are working in a workbook with 50 sheets and you wish to view the value in the R200 cell of each. It would be a dreary task having to navigate through all worksheets and locate that specific cell in them all, wouldn't it?
With this tool, this would be as simple as:
1. Locate yourself in any worksheet and select the cell to be checked.
2. Press the Same upper -left cells in all button.

That's it. You will view that cell in all worksheets; the selected cell will be viewed the left upper corner.
As simple as 1-2!

Reset Excel's last cells
This utility allows you to save only the part of each worksheet in use, meaning the section containing actual data or formatting.

It may happen that the last cell of a worksheet is beyond the range of your actual used data. This issue may cause you to have a larger file size than necessary, you may experience other unusual behavior.

Clear the excess rows and columns with Reset Excel's last cell and solve these issues.

And many configuration options more. Use this tool as best suits your convenience it's super-intuitive.