VERSION 1.5 (04/19/2010)
  • Centralized management of input and output variables, using the tools 'Manage Inputs' and 'Manage Outputs'.
  • Search inputs & outputs has been incorporated on the tools 'Manage Inputs' and 'Manage Outputs', which it will allow the automatic detection of inputs and outputs in the spreadsheets.
  • The tool 'Cells Watcher' has been added, which allows you to stare at certain cells of interest, make automatic changes and see the effect without having to scroll through multiple cells or sheets.
  • The tool 'Camera' has been added, which lets you to take pictures of any section of the spreadsheets and you can save or send them to the clipboard for pasting into other sections of the sheets.
  • Tool 'Set Scenario Goal Seeker Analysis' has been integrated in the tool "Create Scenario Analysis".
  • The tool's name 'Manage Scenarios Sheet' has been renamed into 'Manage Scenario Analysis', with improved design and functionality.
  VERSION 1.2 (7/17/2008)
  • Sheets manager
  • New toggle settings
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