Circular reference tracker  

This tool was designed to track circular references.
In other words, Many times, in our models there are circular references which we do not know where they came from.
Therefore, it is practically impossible to track them and analyze them or correct them.

We have thought of that... This is why we created this tool.
Let us see an example:
We have created a scenario containing a circular reference. Surely, we also wish to demonstrate the use and effectiveness of the tool.

We press the corresponding toolbar button and a dialogue box like the one in the figure below will appear.
This would be suggesting to us where we should start looking for the circular reference.
To start tracking the circular reference, simply press the Ok button in the dialog box.
The results will be shown immediately.
As can be appreciated, each cell involved in the circular reference appears in green, and a comment has been added, showing the formula contained in that cell.
Obviously these options can be customized, that is besides the point. Customizing options are found in the dialogue box itself.
In addition, the dialogue box shows a list of cells, since these are the cells involved with the circular reference under analysis.
To move through these cells, simply click on one of the cells appearing in the dialogue box's list.
Observation:The Circular reference's algorithm execution time will vary, depending directly of size of the Excel model you analyze.