VERSION 3.3.1 (04/24/11)
  • New validations have been done for the licensing in Windows 7
  VERSION 3.3.0 (16/09/2009)

In this new version 3.3.0 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have added:

  • Themes of colors :


  • Have been added from the section of managing colors to Quick styles panel.
  VERSION 3.2.0 (22/06/2009)

In this new version 3.2.0 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have added:

  • Changes (version 2007)
    -Manage colors: The interface of the section "Customize colors" has been modified.
    -Quick styles panel: Settings section has been changed, this is order to load the theme styles chosen in the panel only.
    -camera (Enhanced functionality)
  VERSION 3.1.2 (13/05/2009)

In this new version 3.1.2 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have added:

  • A new panel installer.
  • Fixed method to capture screensshots.
  VERSION 3.1.1 (24/03/2009)

In this new version 3.1.1 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have added:

  • New validations have been added for the camera function to capture an image.
  VERSION 3.1.0 (11/12/2008)

In this new version 3.1.0 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have added:

  • Quick styles(This Function is available for Excel 2007 only)
  • Apply table (This Function is available for Excel 2007 only)
  • Format currency(This Function is available for Excel 2007 only)
  • Templates catalog
  VERSION 3.0.1 (6/6/2008)

In this new version 3.0.0 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have:

  • New images have been added in the hightlights and arrows tool
  VERSION 3.0.0 (4/16/2008)

In this new version 3.0.0 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have:

*The functionality of "highlights and arrows" has been modified in
order to allow the access to new images through the Web service of images

*Toggle settings
New validations have been made in order to avoid delays in the loading of the form.

  VERSION 2.4.0 (04/04/2008)
  In this new version 2.4.0 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have:
  • Select Palette tool:
    A section to save and modify the themes of colors has been added.
  • Apply Colors tool:
    It allows you to access to the palette of colors from the book in Excel 2007.

  VERSION 2.3.0 (11/13/2007)
  In this new version 2.3.0 we have added:
  • New toggle settings
  • Sheets manger

  VERSION 2.2.1 (02/20/2007)
  In this new version 2.2.1 we have added:
  • Desert palette:
    Better combination of colours.
  • Apply & Save chart styles:
    These tools has been integrated in a single tool.
  • Delete unused styles.
    delete the unused styles.
  • Alternate row shading wizard:
    A new button to select a range has been added.
  • My favorites:
    Favorite macros, the buttons has been regrouped in order to obtains
    more flexibility.
  • Toggle Settings:
    Toggle Settings has been divided in 2 windows, which makes it faster and versatile.

  VERSION 2.2.0 (02/20/2007)

In this new version 2.2.0 we have added:

  • New color palettes ("Desert")
  • Delete customized styles.
  • A new section: "Customize" in the File Information tool.
  • A new section: "Logos" in My Favorites tool.
  VERSION 2.1 (01/04/2007)

This new release has 4 new useful tools:

  • Copy and paste chart format
  • Save chart style
  • Apply chart style
  • View active book chart
  • My favorites
  • File information

Tools improved:

  • Change horizontal alignment
  • Change vertical alignment
  • Superscript / Underscript
  VERSION 2.0 (12/03/2005)

New tools added:

  • Autoformat
  • Custom cells alignment
  • Change Vertical Alignment
  • Toggle Settings
  • Freeze Panes
  • Easy Print
  • Add Label
  • Move Labels
  • Add Images
  • Copy Format and Paste Format
  • Resize Charts
  • Change Chart Colors
  • Add Images & Objects Toolbar
  • Add Borders Format Bar
  VERSION 1.2 (06/01/2005)
  • Reorganization of the tool bars, optimizing the work space
  • New versions' warning window
  • Useful tips system
  • A scarcity for Windows 2000 has been fixed
  • Other enhancements.
  VERSION 1.1 (10/07/2005)
  • Improved Zoom tool
  • Format Cells Width tool
  • Center Across Selection tool (No Merging)
  • Add / Quit text to format numeric
  • Format Borders tool
  • Color Font tool
  • Add Stamp
  • Copy colors from ... tool
  • Arrange Windows
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