Create a watchlist rapidly

Use this tool to quickly create a watchlist, as its name indicates.

The advantage of using this functionality are the customized visual formats, which update as the data does.
In this first version of Stock Quotes watchlist, only the following values are shown by default: Last, Change, % Change, High, Low, and Volume.
However, you can add manually other data items, depending on the source you chose in the first place. Click here to check for the data items available in each source.

The next example shows how this tool works:
Open the Create a watchlist rapidly dialog box.

Choose the data source your watchlist will query from.
If you choose Yahoo! Finance, the SQY( ) function will be used.
If you choose MSN Money, the SQ( ) function will.

Get the information as shown in the following screenshot:

Click OK.
You should get the following watchlist:

The data of your watchlist will be updated at fixed time intervals defined used the Refresh Settings tool.