Version 4.6.0 (08/05/13)

In this New version 4.6.0 of Stock Quotes for Excel:

  • Totally compatible with Windows 8 and Excel 2013
Version 4.5.9 (27/09/12)

In this New version 4.5.9 of Stock Quotes for Excel:

  • Has been verified downloading data from MSN Money Central Investor.
Version 4.5.8 (18/06/12)

In this New version 4.5.8 of Stock Quotes for Excel:

  • Has been verified downloading data from Yahoo Finance.
Version 4.5.6 (03/01/12)

In this New version 4.5.6 of Stock Quotes for Excel:

  • The functionality of retrieval of symbols has been updated and enhanced.
Version 4.5.5 (08/12/11)

In this New version 4.5.5 we have:

  • The verification of performing at Office in French has been completed.
Version 4.5.4 (19/07/11)

In this New version 4.5.4 we have:

  • The option retreive company name to recover names from a data range has been improved.
Version 4.5.3 (24/03/11)

In this New version 4.5.3 we have:

  • The process of installation has been modified in such a way that the add-in will be created in a file with permissions in Win7 and Vista
  • Validations in installation and licensing were checked out.
Version 4.5.2 (24/03/11)

In this New version 4.5.2 we have:

  • Alternate rows fixed.
Version 4.5.0 (10/06/10)

In this New version 4.5.0 we have:

  • Fixed SQByDate function () because there were problems with date formats and query from data sources.
  • 1. Added a new function SQByDate2 (), similar to the function SQByDate (), but with explicit parameters of month, day and year.
  • 2. Added a new function SQOP (), which allows to retreive option prices with the data source, Yahoo Finance.
Version 4.0.4 (11/05/10)

In this New version 4.0.4 we have:

  • The function SQByDate() has been improved.

Version 4.0.3 (16/02/09)

In this New version 4.0.3 we have:

  • Improved a feature:
    DataDownloader (Financial Statements), modified due to changes in the data supplier MSN Money Central Investor.

Version 4.0.1 (1/7/09)

Improved Features:

  • Correction of the function SQByDate()
  • Adequacy of the function SQ() to the new changes made in Yahoo finance.
Version 4.0 (11/17/07)

Improved Features:

1. With this version queries use two sources: Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money. As a result, Stock Quotes now has a broader coverage worldwide, so you can see the indices available in both sources, as well as the available data items.

2. The ‘Stock Quotes Wizard’ has been fully redesigned so you can query for Stocks, Mutual Funds and Stock Market Indices in a more intuitive fashion.

3. The ‘Stock Quotes by Date Wizard’ functionality has been redesigned to make it more intuitive and descriptive.
4. The query method for historical prices has been improved with the SQByDate( ) function.

5. The ‘Stock Quotes-Quick Fill’ functionality has been redesigned to support data queries on Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money, showing the available data items in each data source.

6. The ‘Refresh Settings’ functionality has been improved, which is used to configure the time interval for automatic data update.

7. The ‘Data Downloader’ functionalities have been improved to make data queries both more efficient and faster. It now includes the ‘Dividends Only’ option, which you can use to query for the dividends of selected tinker symbols. You can also use it to plot a chart of such dividends so you can analyze trends.

8. The functionality that in prior versions was called ‘Retrieve the company symbol’ has been renamed as ‘Search for company’s symbol’, which provides two links to the Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money websites so you can look up company symbols there.

9. The ‘Retrieve company name’ functionality is now faster.
10. The ‘Export Stock Quotes’ functionality has been redesigned to support data export from both Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.

11. The ‘Export Market Indexes’ has been redesigned to support stock market index data from both Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.

12. A message has been added to the ‘Export sheet values’ functionality to tell the user that a copy of the active sheet has been created with values instead of formulas. This is especially useful when the user needs to get quotes as values rather than as the result of formulas with Stock Quotes functions.

13. The ‘Alternate rows shading’ functionality has been improved to create alternate lines much faster than before.

14. Data query algorithms have been improved, so now queries are much faster.

New Functionalities:

1. New functions have been included, SQY( ), INDXY( ), which allow you to get stock prices and stock market index information from Yahoo! Finance, respectively.

2. Now you can use the ‘Data Downloader’ functionality to download Dividends as part of historical data.

3. The ‘Create a watchlist rapidly’ functionality has been created. You can use it to create a watchlist with such basic data as Symbol, Last, Change, % Change, High, Low, and Volume. This tool includes conditional formats so the cells will be colored depending on the values of updated data, similar to the Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money websites.

Version 3.5 (11/17/07)
  • Totally compatible with Windows Vista and Excel 2007
  • Improvement on the function to retrieve data of the tools: 'Retrieve the company symbol' and 'Retrieve the company name'.
  • New version of the tool 'Cell's math by format' to the new version 'Cell's math by format/logic' which allows you to make a bigger analysis with decision's tables.
  • Improvement on the tool 'Select by format'
  • Addition of the new version of the tool 'Sheets manager'.
  • We have also added Toggle Settings tool.
Version 3.1 (09/27/06)
  • New SQ() functionality added.
  • New SQByDate() functionality added.
  • Refresh Data tool has been enhanced.
  • Export Stock Quotes tool has been improved.
  • Data Downloader's algorithmic has been enhanced.
  • TOTALLY COMPATIBLE with Excel 2007.
Version 3.0 (04/02/05)

New Tools:

  • Stock Quotes by Date Wizard
  • Hiperlynk to Web Services Wizard
  • Data Downloader
  • Retrieve the Company Name
  • Retrieve the Company Symbol
  • Cell's Math by Format
  • Multiple Conditional Analysis & Formatting
  • Select by Format
  • Freeze Panes
  • Guides
  • Change Color Palette
  • Alternate Rows Shading
  • Sheets Manager

Improved Tools:

  • Stock Quotes - Quick Fill
  • Stock Quotes Wizard
  • Export Stock Quotes
  • Refresh Data
  • Refresh Settings


Version 2.0.1 (09/07/05)
  • An error with format date in the trial version was fixed.
  • A bug in the addin generated wrong queries. This was also corrected
Version 2.0 (04/27/05)
  • New function; "Quick Fill" was added.
  • A memory tape was added to the arithmetical calculator.
  • A uninstaller, added.
  • A uninstaller for previous versions, added.
  • Export Stock Quotes' report was improved.
  • A trouble with the updating of all sheets of an open workbook, was fixed.
  • Other enhancements.
Version 1.2 (11/25/05)
  • Arithmetical Calculator, added.
  • Uninstaller, added.
  • Previous version's uninstaller, added.
  • A bug in the installer was fixed.
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