Stock Quotes by Date Wizard

Use this wizard to enter the SQByDate( ) function to query for historical data.
The SQByDate( ) function has three arguments: SQByDate( "symbol", "mm/dd/yyyy", "data_type" )

symbol: can be any valid ticker symbol as used by Yahoo! Finance.

mm/dd/yyyy: is the date from which you want to retrieve data (no later than yesterday).

Dates should be entered in the Month/Day/Year format e.g. 5/12/2007

Data type: it may be Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Adj Close.


=SQByDate("MSFT", "6/14/2006", "Close")

The data source is Yahoo! Finance.

Note: Bear in mind that there is no historical data available on Saturdays and Sundays. For example, if you want to know the closing price of Microsoft (MSFT) on June 18, 2006, you cannot make a query because it was Sunday.
Rather, you should query for data on the last Friday before that date, in this example June 16, 2006. If you fail to observe this remark, you will not get the data intended.

Once you are familiar to this function, you will no longer need this dialog -by then you will be able to enter the function manually, just like any other Excel function. 
Note: After entering all the historical data items to be queried, close this window and click the Refresh Data button, and check the second checkbox, as shown in the following screenshot:

Stock Quotes has the Data Downloader function. Use it to download historical prices within a range of dates. You can also use it to draw line Excel charts of stock prices. In addition, you can download financial statements directly to your Excel spreadsheet. Click here for more on this tool.