Formulas translation  

This tool enables us to view formulas in a different, friendlier manner.
It is a great help, since there are many times when we wish to find out where a given value of a formula comes from.
This tool can do just that.

It is very easy to use:
When pressing the Formula's translation button…, you will see that the dialog box becomes wider; this will make it possible to view any translation of the selected cell.

Then, simply move through the cells you want, so you could view the translation of the formulas in the text box of the tool bar being shown.

Press the button to establish the option you wish to use.

After pressing the button the dialog box Formula'a translation will be closed and you will be able to navigate in the range you want and observe the result in the state’s bar.
For closing the tool and end the performance press the button
Results will be shown in the state bar.

In previous versions from this tool, results are visualized directly in a text box from the dialog box, in the current version of the dialog box will only allow us to  set the option we wish to use when pressing the button   and the results will be seen in the state’s bar.
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